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Will the Slash LP Goldtop Be worth the money?


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I voted no...but I thought the question was worth any money, as in future value.

As for a new guitar, sure it'll be worth the money. It's solid bodied, I believe and around $2,000.

Sounds like it has great potential if you ask me.


As for it being worth any money in the future...that's where I say no.

Too many Slash signatures have been released.

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The neck profile and the electronics are the only thing different in addition to the neck profile.


I had to go check the site, the pickups you can put in any Les Paul.


The doodle on the headstock I think lowers the value.


Buy a guitar to play it and have fun not as an investment in hope to ca$h in a few years.


Supply and demand, there's a ton of Slash signature models right now within a few months from each other.


Plus the Epiphone have similar models.


At the end of the day it's not that special.

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it is solid body but weight relieved.

This guitar has a long neck Tenon, so, its worth if you look at the price...


the special electronic was explained by slash "usually when u turn the tone knob on the lespaul u lose dynamics. not on this one... to keep this great warmth and sustain even when the tone knob is turned down"...

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Worth the money? Hmmm only time will tell...but with a limited run of only 1000 of these gold babies you can bet they will be sought after by collectors in the future (I'm talking about the USA model only). I bought one today and as I was purchasing it two other people came in and bought the other two remaining ones at my Guitar Center! That was before noon today!


I remember back in 2002 when the Zakk Wylde Signature Marshall JCM 800 came out (600 world wide) many people said "ah it's just a glorified JCM 800, it's over priced and will be worth nothing more than a regular JCM 800". To that I say "oh contraire". I bought a half stack for the over priced cost of $2500" in 2003. Since then I have seen the sell for an average of $4500 on ebay. And one premium "in the box" half stack went for $7000! I'd call that a sound investment (pun intended)!


Sure you guys are right about the fact that it's not really any different than other LPs but what makes them unique is the fact that they have signature artwork and are limited runs! That's what collectors like to see! The other thing is the Slash Goldtops were priced to move (at slash's request). They are selling for $300 less than a run of the mill LP Standard!


Keep an eye out over the next year and let's see if my prediction is right! Keep the rock rollin on those LPs!



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