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It changes from month to month. Right now I am on a huge Sonic Youth kick and have been checking out the live Day Dream Nation disk that came with the deluxe version. Probably my favorite is Teenage Riot since I was at PitchFork a few years ago when the did the album in its entirety. The emotion that swelled up inside me hearing those chords come in after the intro; I was back to the first time I heard this album, freaking out on the new sounds and being taken away to magical places.




This is a close second. Goes well with my remastered reissue of Sister on 180gram vinyl.



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Springsteen - Thunder Road.


No, wait.......


Stones - Honky Tonk Women. Definitely!


Oooh, what about.....


Floyd - Comfortably Numb....


Ah, crap.... Just remembered:


Dylan - Positively 4th Street


Doh - not so simples after all!!!


Meerkats Rule OK !!





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OK, today (and every day for about four months at one point, and still more or less consistently, except for the past few days where I was on a huge stoner doom kick,) my favorite band is DEFINITELY Pavement.


My favorite song? In order (I think):


-Fillmore Jive

-The Hexx

-Silence Kit

-Rattled By the Rush

-Range Life

-Major Leagues

-No Life Singed Her

-Gold Soundz

-Hit the Plane Down


-Shady Lane

-Summer Babe

-Cut Your Hair

-You Are a Light

-Starlings on the Slipstream

-Conduit For Sale!

-Trigger Cut



-We Dance

-Zurich is Stained




I guess the only thing I can be certain of is that "Fillmore Jive" is my favorite. I think it's my favorite song, ever. After that, anything is pretty much fair game. I mean, I think the top five are pretty accurate, but I'm shocked at how low I allowed myself to list "Cut Your Hair," because that was the first Pavement song I ever heard, and it got me hooked on their stuff right away. I think if I really had gone any further I'd have listed every song they ever did. Seriously, Pavement is definitely one of the best bands ever IMO. Can't imagine what my life would be like without their music.

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