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I need more SQL Server help


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This is for a school project and I'm stuck at this point so I could use some help.


First, because it is a school lab I cannot load any outside files directly and that's what is making this difficult.



I have an Excel file with around 1400 entries and I need to INSERT them into a SQL table. I don't want to manually type out all of that data to go into the table.


Are there any other options to accomplish this?


I also have to add a "balance" column.


Here is my table and following below it is an example of the data that needs to go into the file (not including the pipes)


create table Accounts




description varchar(40),

short description varchar(250)

balance decimal(10,2),







200043| Martin's Dairy| Encinitas Cheese & Dairy Vendor|

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I'll take a look - thanks.



DTS is a good suggestion.


You could also (probably) connect to your sql server DSN from within excel, and whip up an insert from inside excel too. haven't done this in years, but i imagine it hasn't changed much.

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I always use the concatenate xl function to automatically build the code and then paste the code from that column into sql server.. it is very fast way to do it.. I can send you this xl file if you like... email ?


click on this image to enlarge..



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I was able to download a trial version of querycell to make the transfer. Thanks for the offer.


Using the concatenate function would one have to cut and paste that into each row?


Yes you copy and paste all the way down the column.. that is the beauty of it...

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