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I assume you've never heard the rule: "y" like "i" after "bi." B)



How would one say "Beastie Boys"? (I'm SURE some of them are "bi")


As for why there aren't seatbelts on school buses...I'm a trained accident investigator, and have been building buses, (including school buses), for over 30 years.


Can you imagine turning a school bus on it's top with 96 kids all strapped to their seats and maybe the bus catches fire?


ONE driver, who may or may not be able to help them out of their constraints.... It was felt that the most prudent thing to do would be to

pad up the interior of the bus, rather than strapping in a boat-load of kids.


Right or wrong..... I suspect one day the regulations will change to add seatbelts, then we'll see if it's reasonable.


I'm glad we no longer build school buses!


Now I have a question.


Everyone knows how the throne in England is passed on. From the queen to her oldest son, and then to her second oldest son, etc.


So, if Charles never becomes King, (refuses, is too ill, or dead), does HIS oldest son become King, or does the Queen's second oldest

become King?


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Why don't they? How can they?? I mean, who's going to pull the huge ropes?... Sheesh.......



LOL Good question and if the jet were going down for the first time would it have to be strapped to another jet with more experience?????[laugh]

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interesting question?


Maybe it's so when all the jet fuel blows up your at least getting squished fast. It would really suck to float down slowly while sitting in the middle of thousands of gallons of burning hi octane fuel.



Well depending on your altitude at the time you would most likely pass out from lack of oxygen and freeze to death and then burn up slowly...


I'm still thinking feasible:


Already done on light Aircraft....




A boeing 747 at full weight ( passengers, cargo and fuel) is about 97,500 lbs


Heaviest object dropped by parachute weighed 77,000 lbs




Not too far off .... ???? [blink][biggrin]

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