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335 style with a bigsby

firebird headstock

mini humbucker in the neck

regular humbucker in the bridge

ebony finish

gold hardware

mini toggles, 2 of em. 1 for a piezo, the other for a coil tap or something cool




Gretsch Duo Jet (double cutaway)

three filtertrons

individual switches for each pickup


individual volume controls

ebony finish

nickel hardware


Oh, and stripped necks for both, sanded down real smooth, then given a satin finish, bare wood. Feels the best

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Double Neck 6/12 Nighthawk in Heritage Cherry. Or a Double Neck Stratocaster 6/12 in a Mary Kaye finish.


I'd rather have the Nighthawk, but I can make the Stratocaster from Warmoth Parts, so it could be in my future. [thumbup]


Invisioned Specs..



Mahogany Body

Mahogany Set Necks

Rosewood Fret Boards

Maple Top

Original M series Slanted Humbucker and Mini Humbucker for the 6 string

Classic 57s on the Twelve



Ash Body

Maple Necks

Ebony Fret Board

SSH, Vintage Noiseless singles, Burstbucker Bridge for the 6 string.

Humbucker Single Tele configuration for the 12.

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Gibson Les Paul


five piece neck mahogany/maple/mahogany/maple/mahogany

Neck with the tenon running completely through the neck pup cavity.

Ebony fret board with abalone block inlays (LPC)

cream neck binding

Extra jumbo frets

LPC headstock style abalone inlays

solid mahogany body

one piece flamed maple top

Lemon burst finish

cream body binding on the top only

nickel Waffle back tulip style tuners (press in inserts)

Bone nut

P-90 cream in the neck (soap bar)

Gibson PAF Humbucker in the bridge (zebra)

nickel ABR1 bridge

String through tailpiece with nickel string ferrules

vintage reflector tone and volume knobs

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Double Cutaway

1-piece Brazillian Rosewood neck

Neck with the tenon running completely through the neck pup cavity. (love how you pointed this specifically Duane)

Brazillian RoseWood Fretboard with abalone block inlays

cream neck binding (with fret nibs covered of course!)

Jumbo SS frets

LPC headstock style abalone inlays

solid Brazillian Rosewood body

one piece 5A flamed maple top

Honeyburst burst finish (really not 100% on what finish I'd pick)

cream body binding

Grover Locking Tuners

Bone nut

Lollar P-90 in the neck

Gibson PAF Humbucker in the bridge or BareKnuckle Pup

nickel ABR1 TP bridge or TP Wrap-around

String through tailpiece (if went with TP ABR 1)

reflector tone and volume knobs

CTS 500k Pots

Luxe BumbleBee Caps or Grey Tigers.

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I've already got my dream guitar.


It's a Gibson SG Faded Special, in Faded Cherry. It's pretty much a part of me now--I can't ask for anything more than that, except for maybe an SG with P90s, and another one with actives, but even if I did have those I don't think they could replace this one. I love my guitar's neck in particular, so I just feel like anything else would be a downgrade, no matter how much more expensive it could be if it's my "dream" guitar. Sure, my SG's finish isn't as shiny as the Standard finish, and it's got a few nicks and dings (because sometimes I'm a dumbsh*t, I'll cop to that,) but I love it more than anything else I own, and it really is my guitar.


So, I'm being completely serious. I've already got my dream guitar. The next step is a better amp--I sure don't have my dream amp yet.

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I have my dream classical guitar, my dream gypsy jazz and jazz electric are being made - and my dream electric is my Grestch 6120, which I am lucky to have alreadymsp_thumbup.gif I am completely happy with what I have, now it is time to practice even harder and raise my game; that is how I see it. msp_biggrin.gifmsp_scared.gif


'Gear' often over shadows the real reason we are here as musicians, which is because we all love music and want to be able to sound like how we perceive a 'good player' should sound, in our mind's eye.


'The gear' often (I feel) is the skapegoat for our success' ; but more often than not, a multitude of sins too i.e we put out emphasis/blame on the gear when really 99.9 percent is our fingers and our imaginations, so this is the area to get to the heart of the matter. It doesn't matter if you have a Samick Les Paul, if you practice diligently and love what you do, it will sound infinitely better than a musically detached player with a Gibson R9 in his hands.



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Already did mine... Not to say I don't have others but I don't think Jimmy Page has me in his will... :rolleyes:


I have posted this before but since you asked;


I started with a Worn Brown Les Paul Studio body I found on ebay




Preparing the guitar for the gold leaf



Gold leaf top finished



Signed Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Jimmy Page 4 lead pups



1970's double ring doubleine Gibson Deluxe tuners



RS Guitar Works, Jimmy Page push pull kit for Pahase and split with bumble bees



Finished front (Nitro clear coat)



Finished back (Nitro clear coat)



Finished guitar in case (90's pink interior with shroud)


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What is your dream guitar or even guitart one. If Gibson or Fender gave you the chance to build your own guitar what would it be. [thumbup]



Here is a small list of dream guitars i wouldnt mind purchasing.

These would be original and NOT re issues.


1959 Gibson Les Paul

1950 Fender Broadcaster

1951 Epiphone Zephyr Archtop

1965 Epiphone Casino

1963 Gibson SG Standard


And a good quality Pre war acoustic would be a dream as well.

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Nice job on that Les Paul daveinspain, a very cool project. You must be very proud and satisfied to play that thing!


Dream guitar? Stores are full of them. Fedner and Gobsin been makin dream guitars since guitar players was old enough to dream about them.


I once told Fender, whilst negotiating a customme shoppe strat that The Mrs wanted to give me for our twentieth, that I hate your guitars because I use them, and I use them because I love them. Same goes for Gibson, they have their flaws and shortcomings, but those are truly parts of what make them great. I never bit on the customme shoppe job, too much money for basically a two pickup strat. I've already owned only a couple dozen of them!


"Dream Guitars", all of them, you know the names, they are perfected versions of what these guys have been doing for 60 years now. Perfect just doesn't matter in a bar at 1am. Nobody throws away yer record because you didn't use a perfect guitar. I've never listened back and scrubbed the whole thing until I found a guitar with just the right locking t00nerz and perfect whale bone zero fret/nut combo.


My house doesn't feel right the few times since 1971 that these two names couldn't be found at the pointy end of a guitar, it is a lonely place without these two, so those times have been brief. Guitar players should use what they want, I wholeheartedly believe that. Laugh at the same two names all you want, I've had it right in my face and I don't care. The world, to me, is composed of two solidbody electric guitar companies, and there aren't any others, and it is all good for others to use others. More for all of us!


Good luck, and long health playing whatever it is you play, and I hope that like me, you get on in life to that point when you can tell The Mrs that you don't have to go over to Guitar Center, you gotta better guitar store fulla Dream Guitars right downstairs, no matter what you have in it.



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I am currently working on my dream guitar, which is modeled after a Gibson Les Paul, its going to be made from scratch no guitars will be harmed in the making of this "masterpiece" (if I can call it that) the details are as follows:


- Mahogany body

- Mahogany neck

- Ebony fretboard

- Spalted Maple top, the heaviest spalting I can possibly work with!

- Schaller locking tuners

- Bigsby vibrato

- Schaller roller bridge

- Black tusq XL slotted nut (hehehe)

- Jimmy Page electronics kit (must have)

- Bumblebee caps to replace the standard ceramic disc caps

- Amber "Speed" knobs

- Koa wood binding (still on the fence if I am going to bind the guitar or not)

- Seymour Duncan Slash Alinco Pro Zebra kit


I plan to use all black hardware for tuners and the such, the knobs will be amber as I am making this guitar with a Canadian "feel" to it so its gotta look maple syrupy! Clear nitro finish no staining or painting will be done to the wood since its spalted. I am aiming for an extremely flexible tone machine with this guitar as my explorer is setup to play metal more so then any other style, which is why its going to have coil tapping and phase switching, fun stuff! There is a cosmetic secret I am not sharing with anyone till the end that going to be what really sets this guitar apart from any other Les Paul. I am currently stock piling all the goodies I need and I am hoping to start this project in late spring or early summer. I am not a luthier by trade only by hobby so it will be a slow going learning process but I hope the instrument I have in the end is nicer then my explorer, it is when I envision it in my head but that can always change.

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