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I'm assuming that the hateful comments are coming from guitarists, since your average listener doesn't know who's making what sound.


It's art, and you're dealing with artists. Artists generally have very sharp opinions and comparatively unstable emotions. A lot if artists can't look past the medium, artists that work in oils have been known to hate water colors and everything painted with them. That is, form a rational art lovers point of view, completely asinine. However, from the artists point of view, he need that hate of water colors to drive his love of oils. (Of course, there's the artist that believes any artist should be able to work in many {if not all} mediums to some degree of success. He is, of course, right [flapper] )


It's not "Real Hate", like if "Les Paul into Marshall" met "Effects rack into Roland" they wouldn't throw blows, they'd probably write a cool song with both tones complimenting each other.



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