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Hi everybody,


I'm new in the forum and really enjoy being here. It's interesting and amazing how many different topics

(more or less) related to the world of (Gibson) guitars are discussed. To be honest, I do not own a "real"

Gibson so far (just an LTD Les Paul) but I definitely want one.


It may be rude to start with a (sort of commercial) request but here we go: I've been looking for the former

Les Paul BFG TBK - without tremolo - for quite a long time now. I've played it once at Dolphin music in Newcastle

and was immediately fascinated by the look and play of that guitar but at that time just didn't have the money

to take that baby with me. In between I've bought the LTD mentioned above and an Ibanez RGT6 - both great guitars

but - looking back - not comparable to the BFG I've played.


Well, I'd really like to know if there is any chance to get the former BFG TBK used or even new. I've already

scanned Ebay and the big online stores but couldn't find one.


Can you think of another possibility to get that guitar or do you know a shop in your area that still has one of

the old models on offer?


I'd appreciate your help.







PS: Or anyone here who wants to get rid of such a guitar? Let me know :)

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