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Some Guitar string insights!!!!


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I have two guitars with 11's on them......AND I REALLY like them! I figured that the extra volume (if it does produce extra volume) since I just play these by myself, so tone and ease of play trump the volume gains on these two. Also, I like the painless finger play that comes with the lighter strings. Still, I won't be swapping out all my 12's for 11's, but on these two guitars (small body) the 11's sound great.Also, I've finally decided that, due to my body chemistry, I've pretty much settled on Elixir strings, which last a REALLY long time for me. I'm using up my non-coated strings on acoustic Archtops. For some reason, even dead strings sound pretty good on archtops. Something about how the string vibrations transfer to the top. Any of you other archtop players find that??? Uncoated strings on my flat-tops die so quickly, archtop, not so. Interesting, isn't it? I actually have 11's on one guitar...because it needs them to sound good. It is so much harder to play, so I adjust my style a little.....it's all good!

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I've got various guitars with 9's,10's,11's and 12's on them


IMX 11's and upward have a wound 3rd which is good for tone but not so bendable as I like


I have one chambered electric archtop with 11's on which is great tonewise


And another big electric archtop with 12's on for aggressive picking


One of my favourites is an acoustic archtop with 10's for fingerstyle and much bending


Yes in a way old strings do seem to sound good on an archtop.....





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