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SUPER RARE VINTAGE OLD Gibson Guitar E4653-103 Help

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It looks like an EH-125 Lap Steel. Here is a 1938 for sale: http://gregboyd.com/instrument_detail.html?instrument_key=839


Here's a 1940:



According to this site, the EH-125 was only made from 1940-1942. A little bit of a conflict with the 1938 date above.


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I agree with the above poster. While definitely a pre-War lap steel, the metal covered pickup (the earlier lap steels have the "Charlie Christian" blade pickup showing), the fleur-de-lis on the headstock and serial number all indicate the guitar was probably built in 1941. The year built though will not make all that much of a difference as the value of lap steels seems to be based on how sought after the pickup is. Valco lap steels of the 1950s, as example, were fairly cheap instruments but the strings through pickups they used have become legendary.


The EH-125 model number, as was typical of Gibson, refects the original price.


While rarer than the later BR series the older EH lap steels still show up for sale pretty regularly.


You might wander over to the Steel without Pedals forum over at the Lap Steel Guitar site and see if you can learn anything else.

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