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Hi, my names simon, I've just bought my dream guitar off ebay, a early 70's Hummingbird in cherry sunburst. It arrived this morning, however it has no 'orange label' inside, should it have? or is it possible that its come off during the years. Got me a bit worried. The serial number on the back is 618619 followed by 'made in USA', on a Gibson archive site this seems to tally with production for those years...It sounds beautiful so this should be assurance enough i suppose, cant understand why the labels missing though??

post-32875-092146300 1304156781_thumb.jpg

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I think they stopped using the orange label around late '69 or so. I've seen some used later than that but it was hit or miss. Many around that time switched over to the rectangular label and that was pretty much what you'd expect to see through the 70s. It's not unheard of for a Gibson acoustic to have no label at all.


Gibson's only consistency is its inconsistency.

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I see no objections from KSdaddy - and that's a very good sign.


Missing label is a bit of a flag, but in this case, everything else looks Gibson.


Also the pickguard looks in great shape - odd for this age - but that could've been replaced.


Very nice looking burst. The checking looks as you might expect. Small blocks. Headstock okay. Looks legit to me.


Congrats on a very nice looking 70 'Bird. B)

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