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I received my AL Axcess this week. Crimson. Definitely heavier than my other two Axcess's. The Piezo, when blended for cleans is amazing ! Much more body !

The Graphtech seems fine. The fine tuners feel silky smooth, better than OFR.

The 498's pound as normal. Really a great guitar.


Now for my issue, the guitar has the Piezo bleed problem. Also, one time I noticed that the Bridge VOL pot stopped working and that the Piezo blend pot now worked the volume ??? Weird. Anyhow, I have read that Gibson is aware of the issue, and that a Kill pot would be retrofitted as a solution. Is this still the case ? I also read somewhere that a board was being changed out?


Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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You should definitely read the thread in these forums about this guitar under Gibson Custom/Artists, and also the page on the gibson.com site about the guitar, where this is discussed and where Gibson made an official response about the what the fix is and how to contact them about it.


I recommend you pay special attention to posts by user "elvtnedge" as he has reported symptoms like yours with weird things happening with the volume controls.


Good luck.

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