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ES - 335 Question


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First time poster....long time reader. (feels like I'm calling into a sports radio show)



I'm looking at a 1996 ES 335 that had some modifications done to it that resulted in a few extra holes drilled into the body of the guitar. The modifications have been reversed but obviously the holes remain. I have always wanted an ES-335 but just can't justify the investment given my pedestrian skill [rolleyes] . However, given the aforementioned modifications I could get this guitar and case for ~$1k which feels like a good deal. In short, I would really appreciate some "expert" opinions on the impact upon the acoustics, resonance, tone, durability, etc. of the changes. Please note, that I've attached photos.


Thank you in advance and thank many of your for your unknown input I received from you while I was lurking here deciding which LP to buy.



post-32923-093682900 1304289102_thumb.jpg

post-32923-096220900 1304289225_thumb.jpg

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Looks like a hell of a deal to me.


It always makes some people kinda cringe when they see holes drilled in a 335, but the truth is small holes like that don't hurt the sound, only hurts the value.


But, there IS an advantage. You could add mini switches if you want without the problem of "devalueing" your guitar.


I mean for a grand? I would go for it in a heartbeat.

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The holes shown in your photos would be relatively easy for a decent luthier to plug. A proper repair job would leave the guitar virtually undamaged in terms of appearance, tone, and durability. Assuming the guitar plays well for you, it looks like a good deal.

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