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Osama Bin Laden is dead


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Lets bring him to American soil, wrap him in bacon , and bury him . I had originally thought the old " Mussolini " treatment was in order, but I try to keep my sadistic side in check.


What a waste of perfectly good bacon on (pardon my Gallic) that murderous ****.


While I get the feeling that his death is in reality little more than symbolic retribution, and while it's a shame that anyone (wanted criminal or innocent bystander) has to die, I'm glad that he's gone and I hope it actually turns into something strategically significant.

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As good as it makes everyone feel. It won't change the fact that people hate us and they are being recruited, trained and financially backed buy other countries that would like nothing better than to see the demise of the USA.


Someone else has already taken his place, it's far from over.

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This man was a dedicated fundamentalist


And as such a figurehead and role model for millions of impressionable young men in particular


My heart goes out to the people of America who suffered the worst terrorist attack in history


As we in the UK and around the world also suffered terrorist attacks attributable to Bin Laden


I worry about any triumphalist reactions...as these will stir further fundamentalist hatred


We can hope that the removal of this figurehead will change attitudes in the Middle East.....





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It's a shame to some degree that we as Americans feel proud that we have killed someone but it is a very symbolic way of feeling like we have some control, and closure to what happened here 10 years ago. Will it stop anything?.... No.... Is there someone already to take his place?... Yes... and they won't be the last. Does this bring back the people we have lost?... No


It does however ( and most importantly) boost the confidence of our soldiers fighting there. It does also at least provide some solace and closure to the families who lost their loved ones on 9/11 and the soldiers who have died since. It is a symbolic "Victory" that Americans needed for many years of feeling like we were not accomplishing anything in an uncertain and volatile time in American history.


I personally will be focused less on the death of Bin Laden and be thinking of the people that we have lost and praying for some sense of closure for their families.




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It's not just the USA that's happy about this. He's killed people from all over the world, everybody in the "Free World" is glad to see this guy to Davy Jones. I'd be lying is I said I wasn't fricken Stoked it was a U.S. bullet from a Special Ops weapon that did him in (I love a good story). That's doing it with style!


And, sure, someone will take his place. They won't be the guy that took down our Towers, they won't be the ones that made us bleed on our own soil, cause that guy's DEAD! Vengeance may not be pretty, but sometimes it's a big part of Justice.


Besides, it happened on 5-1-11. We took the number 11 back from the terrorists. [thumbup]

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+100 I'll start cheerin when people stop dying

+ 2977






Unhhhh, <_<




Unhhhhhh, <_<




Unhhhhhhhhhh, [cursing]



Nope... God forgive me, I can't shed a tear. :blink:

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Hmmm.......Living in a very large villa / mansion, in a walled compound, with several wives, lots of children, running water, trees, flowers, servants, hmmmm.......


And his lovely home was a mile from the West Point of that country, in a city run by that country's army.......


I guess no-one could find him 'cause his phone # wasn't listed...............[confused] :unsure: :blink: ..........

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