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Compared the Gibson String Options?


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I think the Brite Wire on my new guitars are OK strings. But have anyone of you compared Gibson strings for guitars with Humbuckers?



And how does the Vintage Reissue strings compare in your opinion?



Is the Les Paul better on a Les Paul?



Would be interesting to hear anyones opinion/experience...

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I prefer the feel and tone of pure nickel wound strings on all my guitars. The Gibson Vintage Reissue Pure Nickels and Les Paul Signature Pure Nickels and both excellent strings. The LP's are similar in construction to the more expensive German brands as the ball ends are wrapped in red silk. I have a set on my Gretsch 6116PTV currently and have been happy with the tone and longevity. The LP's are a bit stiffer in feel, which works well because I'm using 10-46's on a 16" wide hollowbody. No complaints with the Vintage Reissue Pure Nickels either...when I had my Hamer USA Special w/ P-90's I used them and they sounded and felt fine. Presently my new SG Standard has Brite Wires 10-46 and they're ok, but I'm gonna put on something in pure nickel when I get around to changing the strings. The pure nickel seems to smooth out the tone and the windings are a bit easier on the fingers and frets.

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