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Epiphone Casino with Boss CS-3?


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I am looking to get a Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal to use with my Casino, played through a Fender Hot Rod Deville 410. Has anyone had any experience with using the CS-3 with a Casino, thoughts?


Personally, I have both the CS-2 and CS-3 (bought decades apart), and use them (mostly) for

my Ric 12-string. My Casino has a wonderful "growl," and sustain, naturally. Not sure I would

use a compressor, for it. Especially with a tube amp, that has it's natural tube compression,

anyway. But, to each his/her own, for sure! Might depend, too...on what style, or "need" you

have...tone wise. However, I have used both (seperately), with my solid state Fender "Sidekick

35R" to get a tube like compression, both with 6-string, and the Ric, fairly successfully. I even

tried using them together, to really "squish" the tone, on the 12-string...ala some of the Byrds

recorded tunes. That was fun/interesting, as well.


And, while you're at it, try a Keeley Compressor, and/or a Jangle Box, if you can find one.


If you have reasonable access, to trying one out, take in your guitar, use their same amp

(if possible), and see how you like it. Check out some demo's on Youtube, too...IF you

haven't already done so.


Cheers, and good luck!



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What other Boss pedals would you recommend I use to achieve a "Revolver" era tones with my set up. I currently use a Boss BD-2 Blues Driver and a CE-5 Chorus Ensemble


Well, if you only want "Boss" pedals, I guess their "Fuzz" pedal, would/could be the next one.

The Beatles used a (Dunlop) Fuzz Face or Gibson Maestro Fuzz, at times. And Wah-wah, too.

A Volume pedal, would be good, as well..."I'm Only Sleeping," or as with "I Need You," from "Help!"

They did some direct inject (into the board) recording, as well. The Distortion on "Revolution"

(for example) was done in the board, not with a distorion pedal, per se. I know that's not

"Revolver" era...but, they were doing alot of that stuff, even back then. Also, look at the Boss

Rotary Speaker (RT-20) simulator. One of the nicer (reasonably priced) ones, out there. And a LOT

less trouble, than a full blown Leslie, to set up, and/or carry around.


Your BD-2 is a great pedal...one of Boss's better ones, I think. DS-1 is fun, as well...and I like

(for certain things) the SD-1, too. But, that's just me! IF I still have 'em...I still use 'em! LOL

But, a LOT of John's (and George's) Casino tone, was just those wonderful guitars, into their

Vox, or (later) Fender amps! I can get a lot of those tones, with NO pedals, at all...and just

tweeking the amp and or guitar tone/volume controls.


Hope that helps, some?



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A parallel thought here which may assist....


I have recently aquired a Boss ME 70 which has several 'Boss Effects' built in, including compression and various OD types


I'm looking for Beatles and Stones tones, and results so far are good


I'm using an ES 330 as well as LP Junior and Strat type guitars....





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