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Gibson GA-300RVT, The "Super 300" Amplifier

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Hello Forum,


I stumbled quite incidentally into a rare amplifier cabinet via a trade on Craigslist. The cabinet model is GA-300RVT made by Gibson. It has two 12 inch speakers (Phillips AD5200M, Not pictured) and has a unique chamber in the upper portion of the cabinet that would have housed the amp head. However, this amp head was missing when I acquired it. I'm searching for the mate for this combo amplifier. Can anyone help direct me to any similar models they may have discovered for sale online or in local music stores? Working condition is not an issue, as I feel confident that I may be able to repair if needed.

With much appreciation.


Thank you,


Colorado, USA[/font]

post-33003-047201200 1304612945_thumb.jpg

post-33003-065584200 1304612966_thumb.jpg

post-33003-001106000 1304612985_thumb.jpg

post-33003-066412000 1304613005_thumb.jpg

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Hi, ciao,

I've just stumbled now (2019!?!) into your post; I was looking for details for my Gibson GA-300 amp.

The head (no speakers) is located in Italy (like me). It is fully working (well... unlike me), restored and updated (the old worn-ot parts have been saved in a plastic envelope).

Should you be still there and interested, please let me know (so we can bring back together the two -now separated- units).

tx (sorry for my indecent English)

PS - Oh yes, I forgot my reference : mr.gnax@gmail.com

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