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Hey everyone. I have a used 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Burst w/no pick guard. This is my first Les Paul and I have questions. 1. how high or low is the stop bar suppose to be. I received the guitar with it all the way down. I saw that the strings were hitting the back of the bridge. Is this normal? I raised the stop bar to have the strings clear the back of the bridge. But now the stop bar looks too high. Whats wrong? 2. Did Gibson start cutting holes/chambers on this model/year guitar?

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As a general rule the strings should not touch the back of the bridge. There is not really a factory standard height for the bridge itself. The action height and pickup height are factory standard as follows:


string height: treble side 3/64" = 1.19 mm


bass side 5/64" = 1.9843 mm


pickup height: 3/32" = 2.38125 mm on the neck pickup and 1/16" = 1.5875 mm on the bridge pickup



Pickup Height - Measured from top of pickup to bottom of the string when string is depressed at the last fret.


In 2001, the "normal", let's say the non-reissue LP Standards would have weight relieved holes (swiss cheese). In 2007 we started to chamber all the USA Les pauls.

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