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Matched Burstbucker - UK?


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I've been thinking long and hard about upgrading my early 1990's Les Paul Standard to have a matched set of Burstbucker Pro's - and maybe even change the stopbar to an aluminium one.


However, when I called one of the major music shops selling Burstbuckers (all types) - as soon as I mentioned matched sets, I could feel the negativity coming down the telephone line ! Too costly, huge lead times, had to be ordered and made (or selected) specially by Gibson - these weren't "stock" items held by any retailers - they were "made to order". They had no idea of the cost - but it would obviously be MUCH more than simply buying separate rhythm and treble PU's.


I came off the telephone wondering if the guy was telling me the truth, or was spinning me this line because his shop didn't keep them.


Any of you guys out there in the States got any info? Maybe if the things are easier to buy across there I'll buy direct from the U.S.



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Unfortunately the waiting times are quite long for replacement parts.

The dealers in the US do not sell directly to customers in Europe, so it would be better to check with Google who really have these pickups in stock.




and/or for example:




Kind regards,



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You could try these:






I've used Aire Guitars before for Gibson spares and they are very reliable, quick and good comm's. They are Bradford, West Yorkshire based.


EDIT: Sorry buddy, i spoke to them today and they stressed they are seperate items and not 'matched'.

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