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Where is the Epiphone BB King Lucille made?


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I just got an Epiphone BB King Lucille, There is not serial number pressed in the head stock or anywhere on the guitar. Is there any information about these guitars?


Thanks for all replies

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The current produced Lucilles are made at factory 15, QingDao, China


The serial should be inked on the back of the headstock.........


pics would help..........


Peter, do you know, if the newer (Chinese) made "Lucille's" have the

more accurate "Gibson" style body, now? Or, the same "generic" style.

I know they changed some Semi's, back to the Gibson style, when they

got thier own dedicated (to Epiphone only) factories. But, wasn't sure

about "Lucille," as the only Epi versions I've seen, personally, were

Korean, and had the more generic body shape. No big deal, really...

Just curious.



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Thanks for the reply. There is nothing inked on the back of the headstock. It did have an inspection sticker, but I pealed that off. I attempted to upload a photo with the attach file icon at the bottom of the page, I'll keep looking for a way to load a photo.

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