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1985 era pickups


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Ok pickup gurus


Is there a specific name for these pickups , I know they are factory wound PAF,

, but is there a more specific title like todays pickups ,( bustbucker , 490, ect...)

I've never pulled them to look at, because I've always been very pleased with the performance.

but I understand they might be "Tim Shaw", signed. so I might just have to do that.

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I'm not sure if Gibson was still using Tim Shaws in 1985, maybe. They were also using T-tops during that era. After that, I think the next standard pickup Gibson used in the LPs were the current 490r/498t


Hopefully they're Shaws, they are some sweeeeet sounding pickups!

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Well I finaly got around to pulling them today and to my amazement they are indeed Shaws.mabey that explains why I have always been happy with them

they have the pat# stamped into the base and an inked six digit code stamped over that.(position and date?) they predate the guitar by 7 months. they definately have a nice overall tone and everyone thats heard my lp has commented on it's sound, now I know one of the reasons it differs from so many others I have played with.


thought I might check ebay for an old set for my hamer


good grief!

unused set tim shaw pafs

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That's awesome for you man, I'm serious. It's great to hear nice comments on the tone of your own Les Paul, particularly from guys who know what 'tone' is all about.


I've also had several nice comments on the tone of my 88' LP (from musicians and even Gibson salesmen). It was about 7 months ago (for the first time ever!) that I took my Les Paul with me to plug it through several amps in the guitar shop that I went to.


I just played some clean stuff (through a Fender Hot Rod Deville) with a little bit of delay and there it was; a big, lovely sweet tone...The salesman was just listening from a distance (I didn't notice during playing). During playing I fell in love with my own Les Paul again and came to appreciate the guitar even more than I did before. It felt like the Les Paul talked to me and said: 'Yes, I want to merry you'.


After I was finished I talked to the salesman and said: 'Very nice amp'. He said: 'No' and he indicated that it was that particular Les Paul who made the amp sounds so great. He wanted to buy it from me, even though he sells Gibsons himself. That was a huge honor for me personally and for the Les Paul. I didn't sell it of cource and honestly I'll never do, whatever the price is.


Just be glad and proud on your Les Paul. I don't think it's about the pickups only; it's the character of that individual guitar, combined with the right pickups.

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