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Hi and thanks for the help


Im sure I'm not the first who ask it, but I could not find it anywhere in the web

Im a 3D artist and Im looking for Blueprints of Les Paul.

Please if anyone can refer me to a .eps file or another high quallity file.



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Nope, I dont play a guitar, I'm just another jimy page fan.

And now, after reading wht you wrote it does make sence if no one will have blueprints, Its probably a guitar players forum.

I should look in restoration furums maybe.

Thanks Anyway

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I would like to model it.

high res pic can work as long as i have side elevation and some good pictures of the neck and the head, so i could follow the changes of the neck's shape from the head to the body.

I guess Ill to the stratocaster, its easier to get references. too bad it aint pretty as the les paul.

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