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Difference between SG standard & special


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Between these models ("regular" Gibson special and standard);





...specifically in body (wood pieces, body thickness).

Other notable diffs too.

Thanks. [cool]


PS. I have that special and it's a killer guitar, however I naturally wonder what are (notable physical especially) diffs between that guitar and standard. I understand that sound is highly subjective matter, but I wont mind if anyone expresses his/her opinion regarding that issue either [thumbup].

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The difference is mostly cosmetic as you can see. The STD has binding, trapezoid markers and mop inlays in the headstock, the Special - no binding, dot markers and silk screen headstock logo.


The body, neck and wood are the same.


The only real hardware diff is the bridge pup - the STD has a 498T chrome cover and the Special has a 490T uncovered.


So any differences in sound can be attributed to the bridge pups.

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Ah, I'll certainly stick to my black SG then... been playin' it for two years now, I'm really attached to it... [wub]

One thing I noticed that I actually prefer over standard is baseball neck, it really is thick almost any el. guitar I tried had thinner neck (I understand however, that majority of players actually prefer thinner necks :mellow: ).

However I look forward to get myself a hardshell case for this baby...


Thanks mate! [smile]

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For me, the neck binding alone is worth the price difference.

Have you ever tried having the fret ends properly dressed on one of your non-bound necks?


Usually makes quite the difference in feel, which is why some like the Gibson binding technique - nibs.

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See, heres the thing:


If I pay Gibson prices (even faded special prices) I do not think it is unreasonable to expect properly finished frets from the get-go! That is the main reason I just couldnt buy a special. It would be like buying a $45000 Mercedes Benz and saving a grand by opting for a stick-shift or no air-con!


You are right, I absolutely love the binding with those nibs. I am going to be really reluctant to get it re-fretted if it means going back to a standard fret end (and I understand getting it re-done with the nibs intact or rebound is a major financial outlay.

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