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Bridge replacement


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Hi mates, just willing to know.. I didn't found any topic that looks exclusively on this matter. So I've started this one.


I just bought a Gotoh GE103B-T Nickel, for my epi goldtop 57..

I've had many problems with the original bridge... and I found many people complaining about it in other foruns..


- saddle wooble (that freaking buzz.. in my case it ocurred in the the G and the B )

- because of the wooble, it wouldn't intonate properly.. the guitar looses tunning with bends and when I stroke it with more power...

- problems with octave setting, but I've heard that it is easily resolved flipping the saddle..


People even says that the bridge is the weakest part of epi guitars..


Other says that a better bridge even sounds better, that epi ones are made of low quality brass.. lacks a good structural integrity.. but I can't say anything about it.


So.. what experience do you have with your epis?


and what about replacements? I've really liked the gotoh, because it makes bridges with the large mouting holes that epi uses.. so, it's a drop in replacement. Besides that, gotoh are japanese made, and of good quality, and I have great experience with gotoh hardware so far. it costed about 30USD.


(ordered a graphtech tuqs xl nut too, waiting for everything to arrive =] )

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I have the intonation problem on one of my axes, Saddles just won't go far enough (even flipped around).

The stock bridge is pretty narrow compared to the GOTOH. Almost an eight of an inch difference.

I'm getting ready to order one also. They are good quality units.

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I fitted a Gibson Gold "Nashville" Bridge to my Custom Epi


I'm not sure tho on what it improved, as it was replaced along with most of the parts at the time...

But I don't get any fret buzz and its very easy to self adjust now


RaSTuS whats your opinion on this?

I've never felt the need to upgrade from the stock Epi, if they rattle that can be fixed by bending the retention wire a bit or dabbing on clear nail polish, I've only ever just bent the wire, it always fixed it for me. As for the saddles moving about, if the screws are seated properly and the retention wire is set to hold them in place properly that problem is easily solved too.


I know there are better quality bridges but I've never had issues with the stock ones that wasn't easily resolved, must just have been lucky.


EDIT: Just before I re-install the bridge, I always make sure the surface that rides on the bridge posts is flat so they make better contact, just using a small needle file to achieve this, then debur the post holes and around the edges when finished.

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I'm using the Tonepros Bridge on my Epi LP and Epi Dot - found them to be excellent with no buzz and better intonation than the stock. Heard good things about Gotoh as well, so don't think you have done the wrong thing. I also use the TUSQ nuts and found them to be great as well. They may need a litlle filing to deepen the string grooves depending on how you like your action.


Good luck with the mods,



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thanks for all the reply =]

so maybe it's not all that common..

I do lots of bends, and I kind of play hard.. so maybe I'm more prone to this bridge issues.


I will post my impressions on the gotoh and the tusq xl when they arrive.


(the tonepros looks to be good alternatives too..)


(besides that, does gibson make their own bridges? or do they use bridges like the tonepros?)

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