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Just bought a '64 J-50 in LA yesterday!!!!

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Spot....do you have to pay any duty (doody) when you head back to Angleterre????



...Haven't been caught yet by UK Customs Wily!!!!.


It's super important NOT to take the reciepts back with you on the flight so if Customs stop you in England, they can't actually prove it was purchased in the US. I have the reciepts posted back to me by friends...


A 20% tax would make a US purchase just too expensive



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VERY good nick, indeed!


Red 333


Thanks RED. Tried a few and this was by far in the best condition. Paid a bit more but what the hell!!!!


You only live once right???


Need to buy a set of Klusons and do a relicing project and re-place the worn out stock tuners and she needs the adjustable bridge looking at due to a slight rattle, other than that, she's a gem and a keeper!!!


I was thinking at one point of getting my Luthier to switch out the adjustable for a standard bridge, however, she sounds real good and as is and is in such good shape that I'd rather keep her in original condition...



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That is in GREAT shape......I'm very impressed by the condition of that thing.....and I'm of the school now having played a few, that the adjustable saddle is not a great tone killer as I once suspected.....Spot....if you can get some sound bites up!!!

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Spot....are you going to keep the adjustable bridge or do the fixed bridge conversion???


Good question Wily, I'm in two minds as which way to go on this. The fixed bridge "should" improve the guitar's tone, however, changing the bridge will make a EX+ original Gibson no longer in 100% original condition.


I was hoping to get some input from my friends on the Gibson Forum on which way to go....







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Well I reliced the tuners today:-



....The brand new Nickel Klusons



...the freshly relic'ed Klusons




Didn't go too dark on the buttons but I am going to give them another polish and darken them up a bit more over the weekend...



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That looks one fabulous J-50 Spoton! I just love the feel of jumbo frets on a Brazillian fretboard. How is the top nut for width?




Perfect Steve!!! She's a hair wider than my CW which comes in at 1 11/16. Also a tad fuller, or chunkier...



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Leave the adjustable bridge alone! I would be extremely reluctant to change it because it would no longer be original - a nice 47 year old guitar will certainly be worth less if modified than if it remained unchanged. I really don't believe you're going to get any noticeable difference in sound anyway. I've got a pristine '66 J-45 with an adjustable ceramic bridge and I wouldn't dream of screwing around with it --it sounds fantastic like it is.

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