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A little different than the "strut your stuff" topics --- I hope --


If you have a:









Please post the link here so I can go "fan" or "follow" you and check out your music as my time allows.


**I am no longer on MySpace** .... it was a drag and a pain ... I left [sleep]


So..... hope that's not the only spot where I can listen to ya [blink][biggrin]


Twitter & Facebook Pages, also cool to post [thumbup]


I am on all of the above as /lindaofficial (or LindaOfficial) except SongRamp (LindaAdams) and YouTube (LindaAdamsSongs).


I am always interested in co-writing as I have time, trading vocals for guitar work etc, all that sort of thing. Mainly interested in blues, rock, folk-rock, some jazz etc.


Thank you!!

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Um, I don't have any LINKS..........I'm a ukulele player in a " Tibetian Heavy Prayer " band..........The monks refer to me as " The Missing Link. " [flapper][scared] :blink: :unsure: ....



Here's me in action......eusa_pray.gif .......and here's me in band practice.......


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OK...i can't resist! :)




That's me...i cleaned it up recently...its now just my solo guitar based stuff...will be adding more soon.


Sorry I didn't leave a comment on there but I really enjoyed Night Hawk.

p.s, Linda, maybe you can do vocals for Shred! [laugh]


sorry for another edit, but I cleaned my soundcloud up recently too. The quality of my work is better now, as I'm progressing as a guitarist. I still need to redo Distant Lands. But I want to do it mistake free and the DAMNED delay amplifies every nuance in my fingerpicking! and maybe the whole track will upload this time.

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Here's my Soundcloud.I just have some random stuff uploaded. Old band, current jam with friends and some amp/delay demos.


Oh, and since I never posted in your official Welcome page.....welcome and glad to have you here B)


Edit: Oh...I didn't notice Fuzzy's post above #-o

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Kimbabig is my public relations guy.


Go send yourself a Bice fruitbasket from me will ya?


Also, I have a purevolume at purevolume.com/oddmanout3 all solo acoustic stuff, I'm still working on stuff but I'm planning the demo release to be at the end of the month

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Sorry I didn't leave a comment on there but I really enjoyed Night Hawk.


Oh thanks bud!! Don't be sorry for lack of commenting...that's ok! I need to mess with the EQ on Nighthawk though...its a little too trebly methinks...i have a hard time with EQ. I'm not a subtle person and it comes across in my mixes lol. I'm working on it. Thanks for listening man!


P.S. I just started following everyone listed in this thread on Soundcloud. Yeah!!

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An interesting point is, IMHO;


What makes a particular guitarest unique is NOT what he / she knows, but what they DON'T know.......


There are only so many frets, and notes.......Yet there are thousands of ways to make them work......


Regardless of one's skill level, one ends up 'favoring' certain scales, riffs, etc etc.........


And often what is left out is what one hasn't learned yet, chooses not to learn, or decides that


it's not worth learning, etc etc.......With the result being ones' signature style....


Perhaps a good thing......:unsure: :-k :-k :-k ........

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WOO-HOOoooo!! Thanks everybody!!


Got everyone "followed" who's posted so far plus all Kim's links too :)


Feel free to friend me on my YouTube too: http://www.youtube.com/users/LindaAdamsSongs


"so we all look more popular" -- LOVE. IT.





I will hop back in and LISTEN to the stuff as I get the chance over the next bit or so thru my "following" list and leave y'all nice comments :lol:



Damian, good points on style & character........



Norton!! WOW!!!


So if I buy BiaB here soon you can help me figure out how to use the thing...? Thinking about it but haven't jumped yet. The screen shots were a little confusing -- as to if/when I record my own tracks into my own charted song, how does that work, and where do they show up?? Are they edit-able? etc??


The "Fake Disk" of songs sounds pretty cool!! however I am still a little lost.... it does look neato-cheeto what you're doing there... sweet!!


Anyway I'm comparing to whether I can kick the kids off the Mac long enough to just play in GarageBand... but it looks to me like BiaB may do the trick with more ease, as, I can't program my complex chords into GB - chord changes are a pain in the rear if you like anything diminished, augmented, 2nd, 9ths.... LOL


OK Thanks everyone!!


Keep it coming!

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I'm working on recording stuff right now, and don't have anything posted as of yet. I'll link my page here when I have something up though!


Pics, or it didn't happen...oh, wait, nevermind........[thumbup][scared][lol] [lol] [lol] .........

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