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Need Help.

Can you tell me the pros and cons of gibson les paul standard and traditional?And what are the difference/s between the two?



I think traditionals are non chambered or non swiss cheesed either. Someone confirm this? I have a Canadian release Traditional "Faded" and its very heavy. Will weigh sometime I have no scale. Long tenon too maybe anyone?

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The 08 Standard is Chambered and the Traditional is weight relieved via drilled holes (Swiss cheese)


The necks on Traditional, Traditional + and 08 Standard are all different


Electronics and Pickups different


The only way is to play some and see for your self. Tone and feel are very subjective and what`s best for one will not work for another.


There are fantastic examples of both and also some that are less than perfect.


All the best and enjoy the research.

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Big Kahune FTW!!!



EXACTLY what I was going to do.... and a HUGE plus one for the recomendation to go play them and see which one you like best. They really are ALL different, even examples of the same model.

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It has been said before, but it really cannot be stressed enough; examples of the same model will feel and play differently. You really should try out as many of each to find which one most appeals to you.


my epi trad pro weighs in at 8 lbs even. i thought the epis where not weight relieved. i have seen some weight relieved Gibsons weigh more [confused]


I've been informed that the species of Mahogany that Epiphone uses for their body blanks is different from that used by Gibson. The variety of Mahogany Gibson uses is, typically (they vary considerably), quite a bit heavier than that used by Epi., hence the apparent body-weight anomaly.


I've heard of some recent - i.e. Chambered - Standards which weigh more than some (Solid) Re-issues, for example.



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Gibson Les Pauls are  great sounding guitars. Great sustain, Amazing look..and it's really a beautiful piece of Art.


However, its heavy and necks are thick or lets say chunky, especially Traditional model and very uncomfortable to play as it is not contour body. Personally i get a shoulder pain on my picking hand ( right side ) after using Les Paul for a while.

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For me it comes all down first to the neck shape and feel. And there were variances for that not just between the models but at different times. Best to try that first and see what you like. Weight and weight relief obviously is a concern with Les Pauls so yes, that's a difference between the models as well.

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