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Custom Shop J-45, Macassar Ebony, Vintage Sunburst (2002)


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Hi all,


I've been searching through the posts and couldn't find any mention of this particular custom model (apart from someone asking for a new nut http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1594) - in fact can hardly find anything on the internet at all.


It turned up in a shop who claim it's from a "very limited run" and I would like to know if you guys think it's worth a hefty price tag (£2000). I've been after a J-45 for a while and was thinking about getting a proper vintage model but this came up and it looks absolutely gorgeous. An American website who is selling one say only 6 were made, although the finish on that one is Antique Natural.


The other tempting option is the new Limited True Vintage J-45. I've read the topic about this in this forum and I'm still not sure about its value (can't find that much unofficial info about these either). Anyway I know I've gone off topic on that because this is the Custom section but a pointer in the right direction would be appreciated.


I'm new to the high-end guitar world - my only Gibson being an off-the-shelf Songwriter Deluxe so it's all a bit confusing!


Any help/advice would be very useful!





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