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Just traded my '07 Classic Custom for an '87 LP Standard in near Mint Condition


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My '87 Gibson Les Paul Standard just arrived via UPS yesterday. She is in near mint condition. Previous owner says it has about 10 hours of playing time on it and I believe it after looking at it. VERY NICE!!! The classic custom was my first Les Paul. I wasn't crazy about the gold hardware and liked the ???burst finishes much better. The previous owner changed the pickups to Seymour Duncan's (JB & Jazz). They seem a little more mellow/warm than the '57 classic/'57 classic plus in the classic custom. Not sure which ones I like better yet. Overall, I'm very pleased so far. At this point, the only other guitar I'd be willing to trade this one for would be an R8 or R9. I think I'd like the 50's neck better. I read on another forum about a couple of people that had an '87 and they had nothing but good things to say about it. These two guitars being pretty different beasts. I'd like to hear other opinions about opinions of each.


Here's a link to some pics. I can't seem to upload the pic on this forum. Keeps saying file is too large.


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