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epiphone selector switch problem

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Nope, not normal. I would spray a little contact cleaner spray into the switch and see if it helps. Failing that, you may have a faulty switch or a loose wire.

thanks for the rely. with the toggle switch in the down position every thing works fine.

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i have a 1995 epiphone nighthawk with one toggle switch. all positions work but one, the neck pup when toggle is in the up position. is this normal? it has always been this way.

The fact that it works in all other positions would seem to indicate that the switch is probably ok, I would suspect that a loose or broken wire is the culprit.


Have you had it apart (removed the control cavity cover) for a proper inspection ???

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If that is a 5 way switch:


It is pretty common for those to get damaged doing a rewire. Check for the switch physically where the contact is made at the position that doesn't work. It could be the tap the pup is soldered to has twisted on the rivet and is not making contact with the swiper.

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