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Oh yeah, I forgot its a completely different shape. Its the same shape as the Songwriter but its not the true square shoulders dread shape.




Thanks for all the advice here, it really helped.


I know there are a lot of people that don't like the big box music stores, but I went down to guitar center and played some new Gibsons that they had in (the pro models).


I played a Songwriter deluxe, a hummingbird pro, an AJ and an AJ pro.


Fell completely in love with the AJ, and the AJ pro was very close to being as good. I preferred the AJ pro over the songwriter deluxe and the hummingbird (quote unquote real Gibsons)


I tried to find something wrong with the AJ Pro, really tried to find a reason that it wasn't as good as I heard it to be, but I couldn't. It is a really great sounding guitar. It gives me the shivers and that's how I know. Now, the AJ is even better... it just has a little extra something in the sound that you can hear a little bit closer to perfection, but it was $2350.


I picked up the AJ Pro after tax for $1600.00 and I love it. It is all I need for now.

Maybe in five or ten years when I can afford it I'll look for a $3,000 guitar (can't even believe I'm saying that.)


Thanks again, and thanks to Gibson for putting out a guitar that I actually both want to play and can (just barely) afford!

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Congrats, AJ Pro sounds like a very interesting specimen. If it gave you the shivers then thats a home run. If you get the inclination would be great to hear sound samples, very curious about the tone.


Enjoy !



I'll see what I can do... just got the mix station set up and need to get an audio interface for recording, probably a few weeks.

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Where did you buy your AJ PRO from? $1600 after tax is a deal I think others would like to know.




I got it in long island NY, Carle Place Guitar Center.

Yeah, I really feel like I got an incredible deal. I've been all around from CA to Tokyo to NY and I haven't played a guitar that sounded this good (new) for this price. I'm not working for guitar center or anything, but they were having a kick a@@ sale over thanksgiving weekend. They matched musicians friend who offered me the same deal. Sam Ash couldn't even come close.


That being said, I don't know if they are willing to sell every guitar at such a discount. It was my first purchase there and it was Black Friday.


Also, one interesting thing about the guitars - I played both the sunburnt finish and the natural and I noticed that the sunburnt finish changed, dampened the tone, picked the natural instead. I don't know if that is possible, but I certainly heard it. I've read that there have been people who thought that different finishes affect the tone... could have been gremlins in my head I suppose, but I kept going back and forth between three guitars and every time I played the sunburnt finish it was "off".

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Your search had sounds of stress. Now you can just play it, let it age nicely and Enjoy ! Congratulations on your purchase !


Went back to the store today just to take a look, they have a used sj-100 in perfect shape for $1499.


I think I have to stop going to the music store or I'll drive myself nuts. It is stressful because each time I play a different model I hear something different. I wish I could take them all home, lol.


I have until the end of January to decide which guitar is for me, but I'm pretty sure it will be the one I have at home now. After playing all the ones at the store I came back and played this AJ pro and it still sounded sweet. I'll keep comparing for a few more weeks, from time to time, just to be sure.


Yeah, it is stressful. But, I can't complain about this kinda stress.

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