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hope somebody can help me with the following issue.


I want to buy a CS Florentine but the seller has no COA and he also do not know the year when it was built because he bought it 2nd hand.


He provided me the serial number. It is "5 9684".


Can sombebody help me to find out the year or give me more information about this beauty?


Could it be, that it came from Gibson without any COA ???


Also I would appreciat, if somebody can give me a price indication in EUROS, which price would be ok for a Florentine with case in good condition. The color is something like transparent black.


Hope someone can help me.


Many thanks in advance!

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I can't say for certain, but I do know they introduced that when I first worked for Gibson, and I'm guessing its a ''94 or 95 vintage. I can't say for sure about the COA, but its possible it did not ship with one, but maybe it was jut lost? Pricing, well, there is no better source than looking at completed auctions on eBay to see what people are paying for them.

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