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Favorite Gibson acoustic

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I think a lot of guy's answer to the question, "Favorite Gibson acoustic?"....would have to answer..."The NEXT gibson acoustic!"....lol


Eminor7.....I have a '53 CF-100, '94 L-20, and a '23 L-2...all very different...and I love them all......they are all keepers....AND I pretty much started out as a Martin guy....but my heart belongs to my Gibby's!

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Truth be told....I just relic'd some of those Stewmac Kluson-type tuners and replaced the Grover "Robot" tuners....lol....now the headstock isn't so heavy, it is very close to original, and my CF-100 sounds just fantastic.....it is truly my #1 Gibby....I do miss that J-30 Firebird custom...but it went to a good home and I'm sure it is getting played a lot....no regrets...

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I go back and forth all the time, sometimes I just love the chunky neck on my RJ L-1, sometimes just the overall sound, feel and look of my J-45 RW, however lately I'm beginning to think that my J-185 just might be the perfect guitar. It obviously is a beautiful guitar and a Gibson burst is as good as it gets, it's the sound that has got me hooked, it's a woody thumpy monster these days and I'm loving it.

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