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HNGD (plus some) - NIghthawk Custom Reissue


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Hello all,


I've had my Nighthawk for a couple of weeks now (birthday present from my wife, thanks sweetheart!), and wanted to post to say how pleased I am with it.


The action was little high out of the box, and the intonation was a little out, but I've been having so much fun playing it I still haven't gotten around to doing anything about either! The neck is nice and slim, and feels similar to my Sheraton. All three pickups sound great, but I especially like the middle pickup on its own and combined with the neck.


The pickups are really hot - I measured them in the guitar (plugged a short cable in and measured across the tip and sleeve of the jack) and got 15.9k for the neck minibucker (8k tapped), 7.9k for the middle and 13.9k (7k tapped) for the bridge humbucker. This kinda seemed the wrong way round, but as it is, the neck pickup is much lower than the bridge, and there isn't a drastic volume difference between them.


I'm really pleased with the guitar, it looks and sounds fantastic. Thanks to Epiphone for putting it out, and at such a great price too.


Once I've fiddled with the action and intonation, I might look into changing the wiring for M-III wiring so I can get the neck & bridge combinations.


Pics to follow, because I know this is all in my mind otherwise!

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Congrats on your new Nighthawk, Andy. I picked up a Fireburst model just last week and I am very happy with mine.


If I could make one small suggestion: attend to that intonation issue sooner rather than later. I've been hearing some feedback from other stores that some of the briges on these guitars are not exactly great ... either set incorrectly or that they freeze up to the point that screws strip out while being turned. I did not have any problem myself, but if you got one with a problem, it might be a good thing to find out about it while you still have the option of exchanging it.


Good luck and enjoy that new guitar!



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