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Neck Plate IDs

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Does anyone happen to know when the neck plate saying "Made to Rock Hard!" came out? I was bidding on a Kramer Vanguard and the seller said it was an 86 but I can't tell if that was a model or a year. The neck plate had the Made to Rock Hard slogan on it. Is this vintage or just a re-issue. For that matter, Are there special neck plates for certin eras in Kramers history?

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Guest BlackSheep13

The "Made to Rock Hard" neckplates are for the import line of the Music Yo era Kramers, unless he put that neckplate on there and it is an older Vanguard. Gibson didn't own Kramer prior to 95 and Music Yo came after that.

It helps alot for these type of questions if you can provide a photo or link to view the guitar.

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