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I have replaced the stock pickups in my '97 Sheraton with Gibson 57 Classics. Wow, what a difference. It certainly helps me towards achieving an ES 335 sound. Next, i would like to remove the stock electronics and replace them with improved wiring, caps, and pots, etc I would be interested in hearing what other Sheraton owners have installed - particularly the pot and cap values for each pickup. And what about other mods such as the "Treble Bleed" wiring or the "50s wiring" mod? Thanx for your time and feedback.


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Congrats on the pickups! Good to hear you are pleased with them.


I don't own a Sheraton. I can relate to the discussion.

One point of consideration is "pot size". I believe you can get full size pots in and out of a Sheraton but I am not positive. (try before you buy)


As to wiring: Much depends on how you use your volume and tone controls. Like Bigneil, I am also a 50's fan. That doesn't make it right for you. While you are changing out pots and caps you can utilize some cardboard, wire and alligator clips to do temps and decide for yourself.


As there is no loss of tone with 50's, there is no need for treble bleeds.

Most people I know, that have tried them on modern wiring, have ended up removing them.

They do reduce the loss of tone as the volumes are rolled back. The big complaint, many report, is that they muddy up the "cut" of their sound in a loud/live situation.


On the other hand, as you roll back the tone in 50's wiring there is a slight loss of volume. This is easily remedied by increasing your volume a bit. Just make sure you use linear volumes and audio tones on 50's wiring.

There are advantages and disadvantages to most wiring schemes.


As previously stated, much depends on you. If you keep everything at 10 and do your adjusting at the amp it doesn't make much difference.



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