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Marshall cabinets- A + B vs AV + BV


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I have the BV and the big difference is the speakers, they are 4 Celestion Vintage 30s. Slash uses this cab with it's better bass response than the AV and at 60 watts per speaker instead of the cheaper 75 watters in the 1960B. If your on their mailing list and can wait until around Thanksgiving you could get one product for 20% off at GC, like I did last year when I got mine. I was first on line and arrived very early and paid $100 less than a typical 1960.


My other Marshall speaker is a 412B AVT 8 olm speaker where I took the crappy AVT's out and replaced them with Hellatone 60s (Avatar = which are the same exact thing as a Vintage 30, just broken in by Avatar) and Hellatone 30 (G12 70th Anniversarys), this AVT cab is smaller in size 26.5" and is good for smaller heads than a standard Marshall Tube amp 29.5" . You can get one on Ebay for around $200 the new speakers will cost an extra $360 and you can sell off the AVT's and recoup around $50 or so.

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