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Just got my J-45 yesterday! ACTION

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The J-45 Standard is such a beautiful guitar! The tone is really unique,

quite lovely! I bought her at Guitar Center, she was the last one there,

and got her for a good price.


My question is the action? Is the action supposed to be that high? I haven't

really played acoustic in a while, I usually play my Les Paul! The past

few acoustics I've had were Taylor's? The action is fine in the open chord

positions, 1 thru 5 frets. After that, bar chords get a bit difficult to

hold down? I know I need to take her in for a setup, but what are your

opinions on the J-45's action? can the action be successfully lowered to

a more comfortable playing condition? Do the J-45 necks usually have quite

a bit of relief?


thanks so much for your input and advice!!!

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No problem adjusting the action. You might need to shave the saddle a little, I would take it to a luthier to give it a look and do a full set up. It will check all the elements associated to action and set it up for you how you would like.

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Congrats on you new J45. Can you post some pics for us?


The info below will help you see the difference your feel between you LP and J45. These are Gibson numbers, but setups on delivered guitars can vary. With those number, it takes a bit more strength to play above fret 5 on the acoustic. Changing the setup to lower the action is an option. But just so you know, with acoustics, as you lower the action, you may notice a corresponding lowering of the sound volume and tone - the lower you go, the thinner the sound gets. However, the numbers given below for the electric aren't out of the range for a viable setup on your acoustic.


<EDIT> Be mindful of the environment conditions (temp, humidity) when you set your action. If the environment gets dryer, your action will go lower; more moist and the action will get a bit higher. This is of particular importance if your playing in different locations, outside, inside, etc. For instance: If you have the action set in an environmentally optimal location, as low as possible without buzz, then play it somewhere with a dryer environment, you're likely to get some buzzing.


Gibson electric specifications are:

1st fret- treble side - 1/64"

1st fret- bass side - 2/64"

12th fret- treble side - 3/64"

12th fret - bass side - 5/64"


Gibson acoustic specifications are:

1st fret- treble side- 1/64"

1st fret- bass side- 2/64"

12th fret - treble side- 5/64"

12th fret- bass side- 7/64"

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Yes the action can be adjusted and does not have to be very high at all and the guitar still sounds great. If you are not familiar with doing a set up yourself, take it to a pro, you will be glad you did. The J45 is a great playing and sounding guitar. I have mined adjusted to just high enough that I don't get string buzz and the guitar really sounds good.

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My J45 had very high action when I first got it. Even though I bought it used, it was in like new condition. I don't know how the original owner played it. Took it to my repair guy and a few minutes later, it was perfect. He just filed down the saddle to my liking.

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I got my J45 Standard last October and mine was the same. I put my fave strings on then played it for a month before shaving about 1mm very carefully off the saddle. I've never looked back. It's maturing beautifully. Enjoy!

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I have just started doing my own setups. It is pretty easy now that I have an understanding of how it all works. If there is a problem with the action, you can try to correct it by checking 1) neck relief, 2) string height at the nut, 3) bridge height, and finally 4) neck angle (if there is a problem with the neck angle, it's not a DIY job, though). Make sure you do these things in this order and you will be fine. Don't shave your saddle until the neck relief and string height at the nut are set.


You can check out www.frets.com or www.bryankimsey.com for help and suggestions for measurements.


Good luck!


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