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life don't get much better than this...

S t e v e

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Lol that reminds me of this one time when this dude on another forum posted a screenshot of something and he had like 10 tabs of gnarly porn up at the top. It was all weird fetish stuff too hahaha


I couldn't tell if it was a joke or an accident. Or that guy just really has no shame..

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Um, I couldn't help but notice the SW Leary thread on the screen.....Hmmm.....


And, that, um, ah, beverage looks quite, um, refreshing........I'd like six of those; I haven't had true alchohol in a yearish.......


And no, it doesn't get much better than that; Living in London, having a great family, being a great guitarest.....


And being a much loved and respected member of the Gibson Lounge........You rock Steveo.........

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