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I've had major GAS for a couple of months. Been saving up for a Rickenbacker 325c64 but got sidetracked when I narrowly missed out on a Sorrento and then a Casino with an "E" Bigsby. I've always wanted a Riviera with mini humbuckers in sunburst but a 97 Peerless with full sized humbuckers popped up on eBay today. £280 was too good to resist. Needs a bit of work but looking forward to sitting this alongside my 97 Casino.


Auction Link


Shame I'm going on tour for two weeks on Wednesday and won't get to play it until I come back!! [cursing]

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Happy new Riviera Day !


you did see this.... [confused]




That link doesn't load anything in my browser. Is it the picture of the scratches on the heel? If it's merely cosmetic as the seller claims then it won't bother me one bit. I actually like guitars with a bit of wear as I don't tend to treat them like new born babies myself. Being a very dark finish back there it could probably be restored relatively easily/cheaply. It's not in 10/10 condition hence the low price (there's another sunburst riviera on ebay with minis for £575)but it looks great from the front and if I can get it sounding as good as it looks then I'll be more than happy - scratches and dents included!

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