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Show the hair if you dare!! Then and now...


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2002 mafia mullet...turned into long hair of equal length all the way down my back, but no pics of that



2005 right before my graduation. i let it grow down my back again....but no pics of that either.



my enagagement photo from last year


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it was june '84. i was 18. all attitude though i didnt have 2 brain cells to rub together. who said the '80s were void of fashion?!?! ha! i went to a very rural high school and it was not out of the question for an average day to involve being pushed into lockers with a chorus of "punker fa&&ot' echoing down the hall from the lungs of the "behind the portables" stoner club. these were guys who wore t-shirts all year round. their arms were blue in the middle of a -30 degree windsor winter.

here, i was on my way to my high school talent show. myself and two friends played 'blister in the sun' (violent femmes) were booed, pelted with insults and subsequently, won 2nd place. i payed $50 for this hair cut.



nowadays, i try to look pensive. i sing like dylan, if only i could write like him. here is a pic of one of my last hangovers. there is a taylor 415 on my lap. i got rid of the booze, most of the hair and the taylor last year. kinda like that redneck bumper sticker "my girl packed up the truck and left me...sure am gonna miss that truck"



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I'm showin' mine in my avatar.... Though I gotta say, I don't know how I ever put up with it! I've had less than one inch of hair for 10 years now. Can't remember the last time I used a comb or brush. And the sweaty back of the neck thing... don''t miss it! You hippies must live in colder climates! :) Love the look of long hair, just can't stand it enough to grow it back.

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OK, I'll bite, This first pic shows many of my first loves, long *** hair (and beard), Gibson Thinlines, Salems, Imported beer (sitting on a Gibson mercury II amp), and Rock & Roll. That's a ES-320 in the picture, my first hollowbody/thinline. I've only ever seen three of these guitars in person, and one on e-bay. For all you thinline people out there, this was an unbelievable guitar, full hollow, two Melody Maker "cobalt" pickups. This pic was taken in 1980 during rehearsals for the "reunion tour" (that never happened). Oh yeah, how about the hair?




Here's a pic I've posted before. It's a "then and now" with my '75 LP Standard. The "then" is 1979, and the "now" is 2007. Same guitar, same guitar player, a lot of miles in between.



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Not much has changed in the last 25 years, other than more gray.

I grow it out, cut it off.


Anywhere from GI cut to a mullet depending on my mood, weather, job duties, marital status.


No ear rings, piercings, tattoos or any other trendy sh!t.

I can get a haircut and be perfectly respectable in 30 minutes - STILL drives my Dad nuts....


The macho manhood shows thru no matter what!



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