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Hyostar Guitars? Is this a fake Gibson? Pics inside!


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Hi everyone,


I'm brand new to the boards and I am a pretty new player. I am not sure if there is a rule on the boards forbidding discussion on fake Gibsons, if there is, I will gladly delete the thread or a moderator can do so. I just wanted to know if this guitar looks like any of the Gibson models. There is not a lot of information online about Hyostar, but all I know is that they were a company back in the 60's or 70's that made copies of Gibsons such as the Dove. My guitar is numbered SJ-971. Of course I do not condone companies stealing from other company's research and design and profiting from them, but this was in the 70's and I bought this guitar used for a low price on craigslist. I wanted to buy a cheapo guitar to learn on and see if I wanted to continue playing, and this guitar was a good price and I didn't know anything about it until I bought it. The only reason why I suspect this to be a Gibson is because of the triangle shape badge on the headstock. Thanks for any help!












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Hey, Boxer,


Hyostar was a maker of high-quality but low-priced knock-offs of some pretty expensive guitars, like some classic Gibson and Martin designs. I have owned one since the early 80's -- an SJ-977A, a knock-off of the Martin D-45 -- and love it to death -- plays great, stays in tune well. I had another one that looked a lot like the one you have, but traded it for my current one, primarily for the looks.


As you know, there is very little info available about them -- on the web, or anywhere else. I have been researching this guitar line for a couple of years now, and recently got really serious about it. I have a website, www.hyostar-guitars.webs.com, where I am sharing whatever info I can find. I would like to include your pix, if that's ok, and any other info you care to share about the guitar, such as where you bought it, how much it cost, and of course how well you like it.


Hope you enjoy your new Hyostar!

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I never heard of Hyostar. Thanks Jaykeefer for preserving this bit of esoteric acoustic guitar knowledge.



Boxer, for better or worse, most Asian made guitars are based on designs of American makers. In fact, many respected American makers specialize in making allegedly better versions of the classic Gibson and Martin designs. So, you don't need to feel you are supporting anything unethical by having a Hyostar. Ethical violations occur when someone tries to represent one of the knock-offs as the real thing, through fraudulent labelling, for example. Examples of these illegal copies show up on e-bay fairly often, and there is a kind of on-going game of identifying counterfeits that you will see on this and other guitar boards. It sounds like you got a good deal on a decent guitar. If you stick with it, I'll bet you end up buying a Gibson, Martin, or other major American brand some day.


I wonder how guitar history would be different if Martin and Gibson had patents on the actual shape of their classic square and slope shouldered dreds--as well as the other sizes. Maybe we would be looking at Asian guitars shaped like zucchini. I don't really know what patents the major makers hold, so maybe they did patent the shapes, but if so they have long since entered common usage.


By the way, BoxerRumble, welcome to the Board and to acoustic guitar playing.

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