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Replacement Tuners Epi Casino (Peerless)


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Hello all


One of the first times I have posted here at the Epi forum, I am normally at the gibson acoustic forum but recently I pulled out my Casino and rediscovered what a great guitar it is except for the tuners.


The guitar is mint, but I have been playing my strat as my electric for the past decade, and the J45 daily, and sadly I ignored the Epi until today. The casino has such a great neck and feel and this ebony color with a vibratone, looks wonderful. [thumbup]


I figured that this would be the place to search for the correct answers.


Q: I want to replace the crappy tuners that came with my korean peerless 1997 Casino. Great guitars, lousy tuners. . I prefer a replacement that can swap over with little or no modification to the thread holes and peg holes. Just a standard kluson type and possibly locking type.




If you have any information or suggestions, I would appreciate it very much. [biggrin]

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I would suggest you to go for the following ones:




or for one of the following locking Grover types:




We can however never guarantee that no extra drilling/filling is needed.


Kind regards,



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When I got my '91 Peerless Casino last year, I asked my luthier/guitar tech what he would recommend replacing the stock ones with. His reply was that if I didn't want anything fancy, like locking, string trimming, vintage buttons, etc, to go with the Gotoh SD 90 nickels. They covered the existing holes and required only a slight hole ream (which I did by running the drill bit through in reverse so as to not dig in or chip). I found them on eBay for less than $43. Sold the stock ones for $15 to offset the cost a little. Very happy with them.

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Here is a followup to this post from May.


After considering the options available, I chose a set of Gotoh SD 90 MG "Magnum Lock", with nickel butter-bean buttons, and I am completely satisfied.


The tuners are perfect. They are a "drop in" set, with no modifications for the peg hole or even the screws. In fact for now, I just decided to use the the original bushings that are already securely pressed in the headset, so these were literally a drop in set. The posts are a little shorter, but it is of no consequence since your do not need to make even a complete wrap; just insert the string and start the turn and they "auto lock". The screw slot on top is really for "unlocking" the post when changing the string.


My Luthier gave his stamp of approval today after looking my guitar over and my handy work (pretty simple DIY install since no mod was needed). Next item on the list, is for him to cut and install a bone nut and do a setup next month. That kind of stuff is best left to a professional.


I know that when I was looking, I looked at every available picture trying to determine what existed out there and what would fit on my Casino. So here are a few pics for those evaluating a new set that are locking, zero "footprint", and are quality in function and looks, and have the Gotoh reliability







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Just doing a follow up from my last post in July, in case there are those that are looking for an upgraded locking tuner.


I put a set of Gotoh SD 90 MG "Magnum Lock" on my Casino back in July and after playing them daily, I am still greatly satisfied with them. Easy to tune and stays in tune.

Great TUNERS !!!!! [thumbup]

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