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Saving Up For An Amp


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can you give us some more input into what type of music you play? it can't be all rush you know lol


I do really like the blackstars but honestly, I tend to go towards Vox and Marshall. Vox have the cleans and the high gains to a science IMO. Now this is just me :)

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Now that is a steampunk amp!


If your looking at all tube heads some areas to look at for "lunchbox" style amps since you mentioned the Tiny Terror are:


Vox Night Train

Mesa Boogie Trans Atlantic

Marshall Haze (I own this one, and it fits your half stack wish, even available in a full stack option for around $1000)

Orange Tiny Terror

Orange Dark Terror (being released the end of this month, its going to have more gain and an effects loop where the Tiny Terror doesnt)

Blackheart Handsome Devil

Egnater Tweaker

Traynor Darkhorse

Ibanez TSA


Those are all 15W all tube heads that I know of off the top of my head, obviously opinions will vary on each one because opinions are like bungholes...everyones got one!

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Does it have to be a mini half stack? Cause my suggestion no matter what type of music you play would be a Fender tube amp. The tube amps Fender makes have the sweetest tones on the face of this Earth.


This is my favorite one. Warmest, sweetest, most beautiful clean tones you could possibly imagine and it distorts like an amp straight outta the 60's:








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The great Tehbeast.......hmmm........The TransAtlantic is the first Mesa Amp I've drooled over...There's a second TransAtlantic model now as well...


The upcoming Dark Terror looks great as well......I'd choose the Orange over the Blackstar, at least that model.....


All tube Vox amps are indeed great.......I'm addicted to my Egnater amps.....Check out the Renagade amp...65/18 watt choice, 6L6 AND EL34s


built in, and, you can mix and blend them on the fly, plus many more features......

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Egnater Tweaker. It has Fender, Vox, and Marshall styles in one amp. If it were a 2 channel, footswitchable amp, I would use it for gigs. Unless you really "need" a half stack, I would look at the lunchbox style amps. I once tried to talk a kid out of buying a 50 watt Marshall head from me a while back, but he just had to have it.

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Get an amp that is well built, and if possible try not to let money be one of the main factors in making a choice, and let your ears be the deciding factor.... In other words don't take anyone's advice on what amp to purchase.


I spent the better part of two years looking and trying out over 30 different brands..... My advice is to take the time and look around

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