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I scrolled thru quick scanning the cool pics of everything but didn't read every word!!




Here is one of my B&W drawings:




"the listener"


It's from a public FB album so....... let me know if it does not show up. I haven't loaded up a Flikr account yet. Usually no probs w/the FB URLS though - so far --


And I chuckle every time I look at this guy:


"good ol'fashioned lover boy"


Obviously .... thinks he's god's gift to women but.... eh, NOT!!


My album is here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.354302906731.153884.9466911731


You may have to log in to see it, I dunno. Used to be you could share an album if someone wasn't on FB but it looks like they changed that - that setting is gone now.


Well, tell me if the pics are broken :)


I have a photo of one of Damian's remaining paintings if he'll approve me posting it.



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Great metal working Retro - The arrowhead is exquisite - Is the filligree cut and finished or did you cast the main shapes and then finish? Do you do a lot of investment casting?


SHow More!




Thanks B yep I did a simple casting on the silver for the arrowhead and then all the cutouts in filagree I had tried casting the open work also but I couln't get the sharp square edges I wanted so the mini drill press and a artists saw with a fine blade. It's looking pretty good I still need to finish it I'm probably going to glass bead a light satin in the insert and then High polish the edges.




Some interesting stuff in the background there. Twilight Eclipse, that little figure thing.. Where do you get figures like that? I've never seen one of those figures with detail like that. Is that for intended for modeling or is it just an "action figure"?


Yeah my bench is always a visual experience I collect so much crap on it who knows. I actually had to go look at what said Twilight Eclipse since I had no idea, turns out it's a big hard plastic cup that I must have gotten at the theater ity says collector cup #1 Bella and has a picture of the girl from the movies on it. [blush] The figurine In the background is just a 12 inch Todd Mcfarlane figurine of Dorothy from the Twisted land of OZ Series. It's kind of a strange little figurine with Dorothy all grown up and in bondage being branded by a flying monkey??? Guess somebody figured it looked like me and it's still on my bench so they must have been right. Ive had to be fairly careful and limited on what I can post here as much of my art iespecially drawings are kind of bizarre or demonic and pornographic as my wife calls it.


My studio is a strange place full of all kinds of different found object, The place where I teach at all the other instructors and many of the students all call me Sid after a cartoon character that is in the original Toy Story movie. He's apparently always cutting up toys and making other stuff out of them, which I have a tendency to do also. I mean really, one time they catch me bandsawing barbies up into small slices to put back together in different order and they never seem to forget.






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Haha it looked like some kind of Twilight box set of DVDs or something.


I thought that doll was one of those figures on a stick that you put in different poses to draw.


Your studio looks awesome! That sculpture with the snake deal coming out reminds me of this sculpture from this book in my ceramics class. It was really cool it had this dudes head with this thing sticking out of his neck that was like dripping acid on his head. Haha you kinda have to see it to understand.


Yeah I definately know who Sid is. I knew before you mentioned Toy Story. He's the kid with the black shirt with a skull that says "let's play". Some of your stuff is ridiculously Sid-like.

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