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This is probably as close as I'll ever get to owning a 1954 LPC black beauty. I just completed my latest mod on my LPC. I added a B70 bigsby and roller bridge. Ordered it from Stewmac on tuesday and they arrived yesterday (to Canada none the less). I haven't had time to give it a good work out, just a restring and setup on action and intonation. Anyway, here are some pics:




(sorry, stock LPC 54 black beauty image)









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MG - Ahhhh.... BEAUTIFUL! YOUR pickups look better than the Stock ones

in the picture! Wow. Do you have any Step-by-step pics you can add commentary to as

to HOW you did it????


Man, with all that hardware, it looks like something from a TERMINATOR movie! [biggrin][biggrin]


Excellent work, a NOBLE project.

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Thanks everyone. I didn't photo-document the installation. Everything pretty much went as described on youtube videos (check out one from bigsby guitars where the install a b700 on a dot studio and you'll get the idea).


There was one surprise. The top screw hole on the bigsby on the base side partially intersects the bushing hole for the stop bar, making it impossible to install a screw as is. A quick search on google lead me back to the gibson forum where someone said this is normal, and the solution is to plug the hole with a 1/2" dowel. I cut a ~1" plug and tapped it into the bushing hole. The fit was snug, so I did not think it was necessary to glue the dowel. It will also allow me to remove the dowel if I decide to put the stop bar back on. I coloured the top of the dowel with a black furniture touch up marker I happened to have.


I popped out the stop bar bushing on the treble side and realized that the ground wire makes contact with that bushing, so I popped the bushing back in. It's mostly covered by the bigsby and because it makes contact with the base of the bigsby, it maintains ground.


So in the end, it's 4 holes; two 5/64 " holes on either side of the strap pin, and two 3/32" holes on the top.


The Stewmac roller bridge studs screwed right into the existing bridge studs. The deal from stewmac for the bridge and bigsby was cheaper than if I bought the bigsby alone from Canadian sources.


Technically it should weigh about 1/2 lb more, but it still feels about 2 lbs lighter than my elite lpc! I will have to weigh them both sometime.


I'll have to update on tuning stability once I get some time to mess around with it a bit.



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So I've had a chance to wobble the bigsby (played on and off for about an hour) a bit now and I have to say that the tuning stability is better than I expected, in fact it seems to be staying dead on once the new strings set up. I'm not sure if it is the roller bridge that is helping with that or not. Nothing like adding a bit of shimmer to a big ol' open Em chord or trying to cover some "walk don't run". It certainly is a different beast now from my other LP, which is not a bad thing. So overall, quite satisfied.

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