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Santana Tone!!

Rokkstar 2210

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Hey guys, I'm gonna do some home studio recording..it's basically 6 Carlos Santana tracks, that I'm going to be putting on a CD


These are the tracks


1. Africa Bamba

2.El Farol

3.Just feel Better (ft. Steven Tyler)

4.Into The Night (ft. Chad Kroeger)

5.Jingo (ft. Eric Clapton)

6.I'm Feeling You (ft. Michelle Branch)


the thing is I want to recreate THAT legendary tone for these tracks..using a Fender Frontman 212R 100W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp...and a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Pedal, with my Schecter 006 Deluxe...


Any help on settings to create that creamy tone??

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Er, without wanting to sound glib, surely you'll have to go and buy a PRS and a Mesa Boogie?


You've probably picked the guitarist with the most difficult "signature" tone to try to emulate, IMO.


I've always felt that Carlos Santana is one of the most gifted guitarists in terms of his ability to make a guitar sound unique to him. I can't say I've heard everything he's recorded, but to take two extremes from his career, Abraxas & Supernatural (what, 30 year gap?), although played on different gear, you can just tell they're played by the same player. I can't think of many other guitarists you can say the same about.


Good luck in your quest.

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Santana tone is easy I think..it is so obvious it may be easy to overlook:


Neck pup. pre-amp gain, roll back tone on guitar or amp until the desired flavor is reached.


Regarding the pre-amp gain: that could be from the amp or pedals. It doesn't have to be set too high, but high enough for sustain and fatness.


Also, I don't think his tone itself is very dynamic, meaning the rig itself. He gets dymanics more through the choices of the notes he plays rather than getting different sounds from his rig.

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IMHO, Stein and Guitarest nail it.......Neck himbucker, tube amp, overdrive, tone knob turned down,


and that's it.....( Besides saying "man" "cool" "like" "peace" & "brother" a lot....Just sayin'.......)

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