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'evening All,

I just acquired a 1982 Victory Standard Bass. The color puzzles me as it is not listed in any of the literature I have seen. Any input?

Many thanks,


PS I've removed the pickguard and this is all original paint.

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Thanks RD,

I thought so too, but the finish under the pick-guard is pristine with initials SH and RL. I'll upload a pic later. Please see the head of the bass and note that the neck is finished too. If it is a refinish.....it's the very best I've ever seen. Thanks again.

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As promised, cavity shots. Now,,, any additional thought about the finish? The "items" in the pickup cavity lead me to believe that this is a "factory" issue. I have NOT removed the neck as the screws have not been "buggered up" by a previous removal. I also don't want to risk flaking off some of the finish from either the neck or the body.

post-33578-078302900 1306968056_thumb.jpg

post-33578-046954500 1306968072_thumb.jpg

post-33578-048872600 1306968090_thumb.jpg

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