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There are so many variables - style, individual attack, pickup winds, amp setting, pedals, ears, pickup and pole piece height to name a few -- that there's no definitive answer possible on that.


That said... I love the stock neck pickup on my CS-356 and use it alone or the middle combination much of the time. I usually have the volume on the neck rolled off to about 7 to balance with the bridge and the tone on the neck flat out. The bridge pickup is usually set the opposite: volume full, tone 7 or so. But I do twiddle the knobs as the situation warrants...

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does anyone have favourite positions with the volume and tone controls and toggle with these semi hollow guitars.


what are u running with different styles of music


I am still experimenting and running it into a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb RI


My settings for my PJ for the neck pickup only is vol 10, tone 7. My settings for both pickups are: neck vol 10, neck tone 7, bridge: vol 7 and bridge tone 5. I used a Fender Blues Jr. and Marshall JCM 2000 triple lead with all tones (bass, treble, mid) set at 5 for a neutral tone across the board.


The hard part is finding "your tone" which will require endless experimentation. I have spend two years finding "my tone" with differentl music (blues, funk, rock and jazz) that Ilike to play. I have six guitars, three different types of amps (with different hookup configurations like running two Marshall amps JCM 900 and JCM 2000 in stereo) and many different types of preamps / effects.


I once heard BB King say that he would still sound the same way even if he used a different guitar other than his es 345. And it took me some time to understand what he was saying. I finally got it! If I were to play your guitar throught your amp I what adjust all of tone settings in an attempt to get back to my tone (the sound in our heads). Regardless which of my six guitar I play, I still sound the same tonely and touch.

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Clayville, ES345, Dodgytoo


What's the weight of your respective cs 345 guitars. I'm in the process of ordering my cs 356 vintage sunburst with the bigsby option but I'm concern about the additional weight. If you had to compare your cs 356 (s) to a LP, is it as heavy or lighter in weight. My dealer does not have a clue.


Please advise.





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JazzGtr.....I have my electrics set up by a local luthier who builds S's, T's, and LP's style guitars. He always cautions me about the Bigsby's because if you bend strings, the Bigsby tends to go out of tune a lot. If you play sitting down, the extra weight might not be a problem, but I find any guitar over 8 lbs. for me, is just way too much for standing. Best to try before ordering....

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My CS-356 without Bigsby weighs in at 7.2 lbs.


That's substantially less than many LPs, even less than many of the chambered LPs. Most of the 336/356 models I've seen out there online seem to weigh in the 7-8 lb range.


These dealers list the weights on specific guitars:




But I don't see any with bigsbys at the moment. I do know that both those dealers have very knowledgeable staffs and have (relatively speaking) sold a lot of 336/356s over the years -- they could answer the question regarding typical bigsby/non-bigsby weights.


'hope that helps!

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I bought "Esmerelda" - the "poster child" for the Emerald Tiger AAAA Heavy-Quilted Model.

They used this exact guitar for marketing promo shots. I even kept the MF Catalog from Spring 2006 that had it featured full page in the middle like a naked playboy centerfold with sticky pages.


It's all true...everything they say.

Deeper, fuller low end -clear and clean. No mush.

Jingly-jangly rockin' and resonant.

No feedback problems. Everything from Johnny Cash to Alice In Chains.


I ordered this guitar from Private Reserve Guitars (Musicians Friend) in Jan 2006.

List: $7200 - Paid: $4250.00 and they threw in a TP-6 Fine tuning Tailpiece and a quality strap + Strap Locks.


Had a real problem with the factory setup.

The frets were overly high and caused playing a simple D chord to feel like you were on a trampoline.


After replacing the stock machine heads with chrome Grovers, I took it to a pro luthier in St. Louis (Rich Worthington) and had him shave down the frets and since then haven't looked back once. Absolutely perfect. ???


The case Gibson Custom Shop supplied was cheap, and I don't care.


I dropped this guitar from waist-height onto a hard concrete floor and caused a small crack about 1/2 inch long near the input jack on the bottom edge. No finish damage whatsoever! (weird)


I have been playing this guitar every weekend for almost 3 years and should I feel guilty if I don't miss my LP Custom, DC Plus, or SG?

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What amps are people using with their semi hollows?


Any of early SF Deluxe, Vibrolux or Pro Reverb.


The Pro is my favourite for its big warm tone but it really needs a bigger room. For smaller rooms the Deluxe or Vibrolux work better.


I have a Henriksen Jazz Amp for when I need a smaller amp for travelling. They are well designed and sound good but I don't think you can go past a tube.



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This one's mine:


an '01 PJ Jr.





...through this board:


Clyde Deluxe > Doobtone Microbuffer 2 > DiscumBOBulator > Tone Press > Aquavibe > Honey Bee > Blue Boy Deluxe > Arion Stereo Phaser > Analogman Delay > Echo Park



...through one of these:


'69 Princeton NR, '78 Vibrolux Reverb, '90's Mesa DC-3


JazzGtr - I love the color of the PJ jr. in your avatar! To be honest, I ordered mine, sight unseen, from a Gibson dealer and thought (or rather, was supposed to have that color). It was delayed numerous times, and when it finally arrived, it was much more redish-orange than I had remembered or expected.


I had moved away from where I originally purchased it (a store on LI in New York) to Raleigh and took it in to a local Gibson dealer here to verify that it was, indeed the wrong color. The funny thing is, the guy at the counter told me it was the right color, and that the online and catologue pictures were misleading.


Until now, I;ve never even seen another one in the color I thought I was supposed to get, so I believed him, but I'm beginning to think I was lied to! I've never really liked the color of mine (too flashy) and always wished it was more "vintagey."



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Was looking for the specs on the Gibson website for the CS-356 and was unable to find the page any longer. Is it just me or has Gibson abandoned this model?




This one is mine. Playing through a Tech21 Trademark 60 with a custom 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion golds.



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While the web site is not completed yet, they may have discontinued the 336/356. Too bad for those that haven't had the opportunity to get one of these unique build guitars. Mine is from 2002, i ordered it after seeing it on the Gibson web site, at that time it was only offered in the red finish and that was okay since just about everything else i own is sunburst. This is the same color and set up (bigsby) that was shown on the web site.


The bigsby only has a small movement only providing a very subtle affect, probably why it stays so in tune so well, 11 or 12 to 51 flatwounds.


This one is from 2002, an interesting coincidence is that the serial number is the same as the model number of helicopter and tail number of that aircraft that i was flying.


There was a TV show on years ago, and the helicopter was a Bell 222, the name given to the helicopter was Airwolf, the tail number is one that is either assigned by or requested from the FAA, it consisted of two numbers that followed the 222 of my serial number and also matched my serial number. Just trivia by a fairly remarkable coincidence, especially since i had it delivered to me at work, where i was working a 24 hour shift, i played it acoustically for most of the evening.



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