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My new LP arrived today from Thomann. It is a 50`s Studio with humbuckers. It is almost perfect out of the box. Excellent fretwork! Only 2 minor flaws: very slight file marks on 2 spots on the fretboard, a tiny ding on the back. The action is a bit high for my taste but I will be setting it up and putting new strings on it anyway. It sounds killer! Unplugged very resonant with a sweet bell ring. Plugged in it has a great bite but with nice note clarity. Roll off the volume and it cleans up nicely. I use a Roland Microcube or Guitar Rig when playing at home. I can`t wait to run it through my Hughes & Kettner Switchblade at band practice next week. The gigbag is better than I expected. The padding is thick enough to protect it from dings. I will be getting a case for it and Schaller strap locks, maybe a Bigsby eventually. The guitar did not come with a truss rod tool.

The obligatory pics:






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Very tasty....


I wouldn't worry about the slight file marks, I had that on my LP Trad...I think it maybe form the Plek machine? I used some Jim Dunlop 02 deep fret conditioner on mine and now they are pretty hard to see...


Damn...now I want one... [thumbup]

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If I remember right, you also have that beautiful Custom that I really covet :-k



You are right. My Custom was a beauty! Alas, I sold it to a Spaniard who gave me an offer I couldn`t refuse. I also have a Standard Faded, which I will never part with. Here are a few pics to refresh our memories... ;)


1988 LP Custom:








My current line up in addition to the new gold top:



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