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Best strings & his gauge for Epiphone B.B.King Lucille

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Hello I'm Guido from Italy

I have an Epiphone B.B.Knig Lucille

Fro now I paly with original string mounted, but I would change it .

The question is : is possibile to mount tthe original Gibson B.B.King signature string that has this gauge ?

String 1: E - .010


String 2: B - .013


String 3: G - .017p


String 4: D - .032w


String 5: A - .045w


String 6: E - .054w


This is mounte don original Gibson can I use the same gauge on my Epiphone Lucille withou damage on neck or other ?

THanks for help.



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Excuse me.

I write answer only today because in the last 10 days I have experience to some problem on my internet connection

Thanks you for your suggest.

My doubt to use BB Knig Gibson original was for one reason in particular the difference of gauge in wounded strings and I have fear that the tension of these string may damage the neck or bridge of Epiphone.

Obviously would be necessary a new setup for string heigth and maybe also an adaptation of the nut to the new string gauge.

Height is not a problem , but adapting the nut is more dangerous if I'd want change with a set of strings of lower gauge in tha future , the nut would be too large , isn't it ?



Do know Italy and Bologna ?



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I have an Epiphone B.B. King also. I've tried several strings from D,Adario flat wound 11's to coated 9's with out a problem. I never made any adjustments to the neck, the bridge or the nut. The guitar stayed in tune including intonation and never had a problem with fret buzz. This guitar has a strong neck so don't worry about it. I found the 9's to work the best for me.

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